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Our team is a major differentiator for CyberForge. Matt Hermans, Dave Foley, and Jeanine DuChateau bring rich industry and compliance experience. Javier and Will Medina customize the engine and support delivery of solutions. Todd Streicher, Scott Singer, and Greg Zacharski accelerate CyberForge through the CMMC marketplace.


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Matt Hermans

Compliance Systems Engineer, Lean Master Six Sigma Champion, Strategy Leader, International Patents, International Best in Business Honors

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Todd Streicher

Seasoned Start-up Executive, International Consultant, IT & Cybersecurity Industry Expert

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Javier Medina

Advanced Technologies & Data Systems Development Expert, Global Supply Chain Executive

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Expanded Management Team

Dave Foley, Chief Operations Officer

C-Level Executive, Manufacturing Industry, Investor, Advisor,
Early Stage & Private Equity Backed Board Member

Scott Singer, Chief Compliance Officer 

CAPT US Navy (retired), DIB and Medical Device Compliance
Expert, Certified CMMC Assessor, Provisional CMMC Instructor 

Wilfredo Medina, Director of Product R&D 

Occupational Safety & Health Official, Military Academy,
Military Intelligence Architect

Jeannine DuChateau, Director of Business 

LRQA Partner Development, DOD Prime Account Executive
(e.g. Raytheon, Lockheed, Northrop)

Greg Zacharski, Business Channel Development

CAPT US Navy (retired), Pentagon attaché, UW Madison
Department Chair