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  • 80% of 88,000 contractors in the DIB fail to meet requirements
  • These companies need to be 3rd party compliant to CMMC by 2025
  • They lack the resources to do this work
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Our top priority is enhancing the cybersecurity for suppliers of U.S. Department of Defense. There are 88,000 companies that desperately need help because they don’t meet DOD requirements and will fail 3rd party assessment, which will be mandatory in 2025. These businesses will lose their contracts without help.


  • Integrated Technology Platform
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • System-of-systems process-centered
  • Scalable capacity
  • Reduces cost and effort
  • Pulls and analyzes data from point solutions
  • Delivers continuous compliance capabilities
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Our Software-as-a-Service Platform is based upon our current investor nSeract’s system-of-systems programing architecture.
From this foundation / engine, CyberForge is applying for patent of a unique architecture for workflow automation and
continuous compliance monitoring. There are many point solutions in this space, but very few platforms that bring all the data
together and map workflows of the underlying framework.